So you’ve finally realized that Seattle might be worth going to…or maybe you have had a friend recently move there…or maybe you realized that there might be another cool city surrounded by water on the west coast that isn’t San Francisco…or maybe you just want to get the heck out of town. Whatever your reason may be, Seattle is a great place to visit.

I wouldn’t consider myself an expert on Seattle (by any means), but I had an awesome time while I was there and would love to share my recommendations with you. Below are some of my favorite things to do and places to eat in Seattle.

Things To Do

Seattle’s Great Wheel

I put the Great Wheel first because I think a lot of people see the gigantic ferris wheel and think “nah! doesn’t look that fun”. Well folks, I have to say that this attraction was spectacular. I don’t think I realized how massive this thing actually was until I was directly underneath it and then at the top of it. The best part, of course, is the view! You might throw up on yourself if you are prone to motion sickness, but it’s worth it.

Kerry Park

This park offers a fantastic view of downtown. My recommendation would be to eat brunch at Toulouse and then take a stroll (all uphill) to the park. You will be out of breath, but it will feel worth it once you see the view. The houses in this area are also very beautiful and a great reminder that people do live lives of luxury, and those people aren’t you.

Safeco Field

Why not catch a baseball game while you’re in Seattle? The coolest part is watching how quietly the roof closes above you. It’s the convertible of baseball stadiums, and it’s way cooler than actually being in a convertible.

Pikes Place

Do I even need to say this one? Probably not. You know what it is, and it’s great. Also, they have some of the best deals on flowers that I have come across.

Places to Eat

Piroshki on Madison

Ok Ok, so I might be a little biased on this one since this is the food of my people. But look, piroshki are delicious and you don’t find them in many places. Seattle in particular is unique in the fact that it has such a large amount of Russian deli’s strewn across the city. What is a peroshki? Peroshki are a Russian comfort food which consists of dough that is stuffed with various types of meat or vegetables. Most commonly they are stuffed with either ground beef or turkey, and the vegetarian versions are stuffed with cabbage and sometimes potatoes. These piroshki in particular were not only tasty, but they were HUGE! So please support my Russian comrades and grab a piroshki. I recommend grabbing a peroshki stuffed with ground meat and cabbage.

Taylor’s Oyster House

Holy yum, this place has a fantastic happy hour! We came here per the recommendation of a bar tender at a questionable drinking establishment, and we were glad we did. I mean, you should always trust a man with a handlebar mustache. Right?  Either way, Taylor’s had some amazing oysters at  a very reasonable price. What impressed me about Taylor’s was their friendly staff, their great happy hour prices, and the amazing quality of their oysters. My recommendation would be to try the half dozen oysters with an oyster stout (pictured above) or with a Bloody Mary.

Toulouse Restaurant

This place was probably the best place I’ve ever been to for breakfast…ever. I didn’t take any pictures of the establishment because my fiance begged me not to take any more pictures of food. He gave me the “divorce eyes” which are not good because we’re not even married yet. But let this be more reason to venture to this restaurant and see the incredible food for yourself! Toulouse is a New Orlean’s style Creole Kitchen, with a wonderfully diverse array of menu items. My favorite was the Dungeness Crab Eggs Benedict. It was, as the French say, incroyable!

Where to Stay

Mayflower Park Hotel

This hotel was absolutely a charm. I stayed here a few years ago and I absolutely loved it. The Mayflower has this old timey feel that is both luxurious and relaxed. The staff are friendly and are always responsive. The value and quality of the rooms is great for the price and they also have deals for AAA members. Check it out!